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You have made a great decision! By creating a Snapshot Report, we can determine, not only where my services could help you the most, but also area's you can put your own efforts and increase online presence and client/customer acquisition. 

Soon you will receive an email with your report and subsequent emails that will help you understand the power of the Snapshot. Just set up a meeting to review and together we will walk through it. 

By taking this steps, I will set you up with a business portal that allows you to take action toward strengthening your online presence. Learn more about it by watching the video below. 

Business Portal

Just by reviewing your Snapshot with me and expressing interest, I will set you up with one of a limited number of free seats in the Local Business Toolkit Express. 

Local Business Toolkit Express

And while you wait for your report to generate and the email to land in you inbox, please look over the sample report below. Familiarize yourself with the sections and the vast amount of information it supplies. I am giving you the tools to understand and make the most effort where it counts. All for free. Only when you find yourself overwhelmed, overworked or ready to upgrade, only then, will we talk money, and I hope you will see the true power of such a focused approach. 

Schedule your Snapshot Review 

J. Haley Copywriter Sample Snapshot Report
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