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New Site Up and Running

This has been a quite an adventure... Life that is... and I am sure you agree.

I once read that if you ask anyone who is working a job you’d love to do, "How did you get there?", that the story would not be a linear path. The Toy Tester, started as a copy machine tech and one day had to do an emergency repair at Hasbro. The Script Writer who was a Hair Salon Beautician, was cutting the hair of a Producer and told her the movie idea. The CEO worked three jobs to make ends meet, before inheriting $50,000 which was put toward a hot dog cart and the rest was history…. My point is, is that my path has been a roll coaster mounted to the side of the Andes and I have been riding in a truck filled with tools.

So here I am, a full blown copywriter. This has been a culmination of experience from washing dishes to running art galleries; from a self employed handyman to a cnc table mill operator. I have been a safety officer, a project manager, a color key operator, a roofer. I have painted houses, dug post holes, been a teacher aid, and a life skills instructor for disabled adults. My experience is vast and I love to share it… even the gritty parts.

If you, or a loved one, or anyone you know for that matter, is in need of content in the form of the written word, I am your guy.

I have also been know to do design work, video shorts, music, and voiceovers, so hit me whatever you got: Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and Copywriting.

I hope your day has gone as well as it could, and please remember to tell someone you love them.

Thank you.

J. Haley

#Copywriting #RedCar

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