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Reviews Getting Hits!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

As a form of exercise, I have been writing reviews for Google Maps. This is like the sketch book I used to carry around in art school. I am always looking for opportunities to improve my skills. The best way to hone short and quick copywriting chops is in the form of reviews. I never would have guessed it, people seeing and reading my practice reviews!

A few days ago I got a notification from Google that my reviews have seen 11,000 hits. My photos are another story... one of my pictures of some, oh so delicious, fish and chips has over 200,000 views. Who knew food pics were so popular?... wait... I guess Instagram knows.

In any case... If you are looking for quick, positive, fun, and exciting keyword filled copy for your product pushing needs, please reach out to me. Thanks.

P.S. you can see more of my reviews here.

Contact me for more information.

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