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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

You have awesome spur of the moment ideas!

Your blog ideas keep hitting you at the most random of times!

These are great thoughts, and you want to share them through your social channels.

But they get lost!!!

Me too... I have been there...

You drive your car to the local restaurant for some good ol' “pandemic take-out”. (Gotta get some relief from home-cooking.) You can smell mouthwatering deliciousness as you wait in line ...

...this smell triggers a memory, something small, but it floods into more.

What a great idea to share!” you think.

Content Writing needs a constant flow of ideas, But how do I quickly capture my ideas? How do I save my ideas for blogs, social media, and ads? With a form.

Well, by saving a quick link to a google form on our phone, you will be able to jot down a note or two. Then you can get that hot food back home to your loved ones (and/or your Netflix).

Never forget an idea again!

I made this form for one of my clients and it works awesome!

So then, I duplicated it for myself and started using it regularly... now I never have to look for things to write when I sit to craft words.

Here is the thing.

Even if you plan on outsourcing the writing, having a form to collect your thoughts is important. It can help set the keystones in place. This information is then passed to your copywriter.

Things you should have before writing a post

Headline or Title...

at least a rough out idea... let your copywriter know that too, unless you are totally in love with it, then make note of that too.

You already have the gist. You have been inspired! So you have the..

Short Description

Just get words down... if you use voice recognition and it isn’t getting it totally correct, just repeat and keep on talking. The goal here is to get a good idea of your point.

If you have more to say, then put this in the...


...just type away. Add as much as you can. If you are writing this, then you want as much as you can... you will thank yourself for it later.


Make ‘em up! You probably have ones you already want to work with, so no need to repeat them unless you want. Add some phrases that others might use to search for your article. Make sure to add some voice search terms... using voice commands is all the rage these days.

Important Links

If you have any references to look at it always helps, especially if you want to add some specific data. Save links for a reference, or a business, or a colleague in your field.

Action Text and Links

Take it further... if you know what and where you want your potential readers to go, call it early... it totally helps drive the writing. A little extra goes a long way.

There is more... so take a look at this free form. If you like it and want a copy, I will give you a duplicate, just for your own self... duplicate it and cut me out if you like... or hire me to write for you. After all, you can’t do everything. #blogging #googlesheets #googleforms #contentmarketing

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